Success Story


Saif Al-Zahrani, Distinguished Employee

The Director of the Department of Admission and Registration at King Khalid University and  Head of the Registration Department at the Deanship of Admission, Mr. Saif bin Muhammad Al-Zahrani, ranked second in the university  sixth edition  Award of Excellence  as a distinguished employee.

A brief summary of Mr. Saif Al Zharani’s accomplishments : 

1: A  distinguished administrative competency. Awarded the title of the ideal employee for the academic year 1438-1439 AH in the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

2: Held a number of  administrative positions  in a number of  entities  at the university.

 3:  Worked in the secretariat  field for more than 7 years, then  was assigned to the office of the Dean of the Deanship of Admission and Registration, and now he works as a director in  the Deanship  of Admission , and head of the registration department.

4: He received a  master's degree in literature from King Khalid University.

5: He worked  in the  University  Arabic language teaching Unit  to non Arabic Speakers for two  years.

6: He published a number of papers. 

7: He also obtained during his work an ISO 9001 Quality Consultant Certificate. 

8: He participated in many o university administrative forums and workshops, in addition to his membership in many of the specialized and administrative committees that represented the university.

It  is worth noting that, Al-Zahrani stressed that "practical life requires perseverance and determination to succeed and  to  create excellence. He also affirms that achievements make the difference and contribute to the development of academic or administrative leaders and experts in various sectors."