Health Colleges Coordinating Committee

Health Colleges Coordinating Committee

About the Committee:




Health Colleges Coordinating Committee

Committee Name


Prof. Ali Saeed Al-Qahtani

Committee Director



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Reason for establishing the committee:

Studying the merger and unification of similar courses and common capabilities to work on focusing and unifying efforts, including the unification of the first year to serve as a common introductory year after which students are distributed to the different colleges.


  • Coordination in the management of joint courses.
  • Develop current curricula and identify needs.
  • Studying the establishment of a unified center for the specialties of health professions and interventional education, which is based on collaborative practice.
  • Study the establishment of the Clinical Skills Laboratory Center.
  • Coordination in the use of central facilities at the university (lecture halls, student facilities, research center).
  • Coordination in the areas of public services and maintenance.
  • Coordination between the various departments within the university to try to reduce duplication and increase efficiency.
  • Coordination and integration in student activities.
  • Coordination and integration in scientific and social events.