Regulations for Internship (the stage of excellence)

Internship or the so-called period of recuperation: -

Twelve months of clinical training after the student has completed the requirements for graduation from college. This period is considered an important part of the medical study and the student is not considered qualified to practice medicine until after the completion of this period successfully.


1 - Application of information and refinement of medical skills through clinical training. 
2 - Training in making medical decisions and teaching independence in this and dealing with professional efficiency.

3. To apply the ethics of the medical profession and to abide by the ethics of the Muslim doctor in all transactions.

4 - Accustom the trainee to the work of the medical team and education limits the possibilities and capabilities as well as training to seek advice from those who are more experienced. 
5 - Develop the love of knowledge of all new practices in the medical field and develop the skills of reading and searching for information from books, references, medical journals, and electronic research methods. 

6. Develop the communication skills of the trainee with his colleagues, the rest of the medical team as well as patients and their families.

The period of excellence is 12 months distributed as follows:  

Internal Medicine 3 months 
General Surgery 3 months 
Pediatrics Two months 
Gynecology and obstetrics Two months 
Optional two months

The elective period is divided into two periods for each period of one full month taken in one of the clinical departments, either general or specialized, after the approval of the department concerned and the committee of doctors of excellence in college. 
In addition to the basic sections (Radiology, Intensive Care, ENT, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Hematology, Pathology, Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine). 

1- It is preferable to have a consultant in that specialization during the training period. 
2 - preferably a career sequence (consultant, specialist, resident doctor) 
3 - readiness of the department to conduct training and supervision 
4 - approval of the Committee of Doctors of Excellence.

Start of the training: - 

The trainee is not allowed to start the period of the concession except after receiving an official letter from the Deanship of Admissions and Registration proving that he completed the graduation requirements. He or she can start the internship period on the date set by the Internship Committee or the Clinical Affairs Vice Dean. 
The change shall not be allowed after the issuance of the distribution table except in the case of an alternative and the approval of the heads of the concerned departments in the most limited manner.

Delay in the commencement of training: - 

1 - The period of delay of the student from the start of the concession period is not allowed to exceed 6 months from the date of completion of the graduation requirements. 
2 - If the delay period is more than 6 months and not more than the year, he must re-examine my work in the surgical and internal courses, if he can not pass the exam, he will return the examination after a month. During this period, it is recommended to attend the hospital to take advantage of and prepare for the exam. 
3 - If there is a delay period more than a year he/she has to be re-examined in the courses Internal medicine, surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.  He/She can repeat the exam after one month in case of failure in the first exam. During this period, it is advisable to attend the hospital to take advantage of and prepare for the exam and is accepted only after passing the examination.

Discontinuation of training after the commencement 

If the apprentice is cut off from the training with an acceptable excuse for a period not exceeding 6 months, the remainder of the current concession period shall be completed. If the interruption is valid for more than 6 months but less than one year, he/she must return the entire period of the concession. If the period exceeds the year and less than two years, he/she must re-examine the Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, after a month if you do not pass the first time. It is recommended during this period to attend the hospital to take advantage of and prepare for the exam.

** The doctor of excellence is not allowed to work outside the training area and in any party during the training period and if a similar case is detected, the doctor will be subjected to the full restoration of the training period. 

The vacation 

The period is 10 days (5 days, 5 days). The doctor of excellence can also work during the holiday period and is compensated for a vacation at a later date. The leave period does not exceed 25% of the duration of the course in the specialization in which he/she took it.

2 - Compulsory leave: - The doctor of excellence is allowed to take 5 days as an emergency leave during the year if it is proved that he/she needs it not to be associated with the permitted holiday. If he/she needs more, he/she must return the period by the number of days absent after the signature of the head of the department concerned.

3 - Permission to attend conferences and seminars: - The doctor of excellence is allowed to attend only one scientific conference during the training period and that according to the following conditions: - 

1. The conference should be within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

2. The duration of the conference shall not be more than four days. 

3. The doctor of excellence shall coordinate with the supervisor of his training in the department at least four weeks prior to the commencement of the conference. 

4. The University shall not assume any financial obligations. 

5. The doctor of excellence must bring the certificate of attendance at the conference. 

Training places: - 

Training at Assir Central Hospital or any of the hospitals recognized by the College as hospitals to train the doctors of excellence. 

The number of doctors of excellence in each department shall be according to the number of patients' beds by 1-10 to ensure the quality of the training or according to the available possibilities.

Duties of the Doctor of Excellence 

1. Each department shall determine the tasks required of the Doctor of Excellence to exercise during his / her presence in the Department. Each department shall also hand over to the Doctor of Excellence a booklet specifying these tasks and containing a 

log book recording everything he/she performs while in the Department.

2. The doctor of excellence shall work according to the daily working hours of the hospital in which he trains. The rotation shall not be less than 7 shifts per month and not more than 10 shifts per month, including one or two shifts of the weekend. 

3. The doctor of excellence during the rotation shall carry out the preliminary examination of the patient (except for the emergency cases to be detected with the presence of the resident resident doctor), taking the history of the disease and performing the clinical examination and documenting it in the patient's file and writing the diagnosis and treatment plan. Before a doctor in the department and the doctor of excellence to follow up the implementation of the treatment plan after approval and follow-up tests required and any developments in the case and discuss what is new with one of the doctors of the team responsible for the situation and document it in the file of the patient. 

4. The next day of rotation is considered a full working day.

5 - The doctor of excellence should participate in the morning rounds on patients and follow up 4-5 cases where these cases provided the morning round for the treatment team also writes the treatment plan and follow-up examinations and developments of the situation under the supervision of the consultant in charge of the situation or appointed by specialists in the section. 

6. The Doctor of Excellence shall participate in the scientific activities carried out in the Department and encourage him to conduct research using the Internet to provide some of these activities using transparencies, slides or presentations using the computer, and encourages participation in scientific research in the department under the supervision of the Head for these activities.


1 - The doctor of excellence is evaluated on attendance, discipline, professional ability and scientific outcome as well as its relationship with patients and the relationship with colleagues and heads of labor and its relationship with the nursing. 

2. The report shall be presented to the Doctor of Excellence at the end of the course in each section of the Department, clarifying the weaknesses and strengths of his performance and advising him to improve the situation. The report is then handed over to the Secretary of the Franchise Committee. 

3. The Consultant shall be responsible for the medical team in accordance with the prescribed form. The Consultant may seek the opinions of the rest of the medical team in the evaluation process. The evaluator shall determine the grade due and write on the original form prepared according to the attached evaluation form. 

4. A Score of less than 60% is not satisfactory and must be repeated. 

61 - 69% Satisfactory 
70 - 79% Good 
80 - 89% Very good
90% or more Excellent 

5. There should be a full and detailed explanation for those who receive less than 60% or who obtain more than 90%. The reason the trainee received such a degree and the evaluation paper is not accepted by the supervisor except this detailed explanation is signed by members’ The units in which he worked.


  1. If the Internship Doctor violates his professional duties or obligations, the Department shall give the Internship Committee a recommendation and recommend what the Section deems to be, either in written notice or in retraining the concession period in the department or part thereof. 
  2.  If the doctor of excellence, commits any violation of conduct or ethics, which harms the ethics of the doctor or what is opposed to Islamic values, the College can take any of the following:  
  3. توجيه Directing a written warning. 
    إعادة Return the concession period or part thereof. 
    توصية A recommendation to deduct the bonus or part thereof. 
    الرفع Raise the university administration to deny the bachelor's degree.

The regulations for allowing the Saudi students of excellence to graduate from a university outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1 - The doctor should be graduated from a university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

2- To certify the bachelor's degree or graduation certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

3. The copy of the certificate must be certified by the Saudi Cultural Attaché or the Saudi Embassy in the country of study. 

4 - that the trainee abide by the rules of training the doctors of excellence in college. 

5. There is a possibility to absorb it for training. 

6. Approval of the holder. 

7- The training period shall be complete in the hospitals affiliated with the College of Medicine, King Khalid University, under the direct supervision of the College.

The rules and conditions of admission for non-Saudi students wishing to train at King Khalid University:  

  1. The doctor must be graduated from a university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  2. 2- To certify the bachelor's degree or graduation certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  3. The copy of the certificate must be certified by the Saudi Cultural Attaché or the Saudi Embassy in the country of study. 
  4. The applicant must be a regular resident in the Kingdom. 
  5. The trainee must adhere to the rules of training the doctors of excellence in college. 
  6. There should be a possibility of training. 
  7. The University shall not bear any material burden. 
  8. Approval of the holder. 
  9. 9 - to be trained under the direct supervision of the college.