Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs

Dr. Saleh Mohammed Al-Qahtani

Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs

Dr. Saleh

Dr. Saleh Al-Qahtani

Office: Alfaraa Campus College of Medicine 3-055

Ext:  7315, 8966, 8977


Job title: Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs 

Definition: The Designation holder is a faculty member of the College of Medicine who is committed to supervising the internship rotations, coordinate with hospitals for the training of medical students and liaison with appropriate health specialty institutes to organize educational events, community service, and other field experience activities.


1. Enlisting the students who have successfully completed the 12 levels of study in the MBBS Program, two times a year in the present semester system or as applicable.

2. Segregation of students into appropriate groups for rotatory internship postings in various health specialty hospitals in the city, region or the Kingdom.

3. Liaisoning with administrations of various health specialty hospitals to organize the smooth rotation of compulsory internships.

4. Supervising the training of interns in relation to the specified objectives during their internship tenure based upon the "Field Experience Specifications (FES)."

5. Supervising and monitoring the compulsory internship rotation of one year for all students (male and female students)

6. Analyzing the feedback received from the internship supervisors and the students regarding the internship training.

7. Organizing the periodic health camps, community service activities and training exercises involving interns.

8. Coordinating with administrative authorities of health specialty institutes to enable a smooth conduction of internship.

9. Providing immediate intervention if any is required during the Field experience activities.

10. Drafting the Field Experience Report (FER) at the end of each internship rotation. [In the semester system, this report is drafted usually twice a year or as applicable].

11. Supervising the effectiveness of the Field experience and training of interns.

12. Coordinating with other Vice deans and the Dean, College of Medicine to regulate the training process of interns and provide feedback on field training activities.

13. Coordinate the clinical duties of the university staff at the affiliated hospitals

14. Communicating with administrators at the affiliated hospital to resolve conflicts that may emerge between the academic schedule and clinical duties of the supervisors/ faculty members participating in the training process of the interns.

15. Responsible for periodically updating the Intern Manual.