MBBS Program Coordinator


Dr Ashish

Dr Ashish Kumar, Associate Professor, Microbiology, College of Medicine


Duties and Responsibilities


Reports to:

Vice Dean (Academic Development and Quality), College of Medicine


Duties and Responsibilities

Salient duties and responsibilities of a Program coordinator are inclusive of but not limited to:

  1. Coordination of all 46 courses currently included in the MBBS program.
  2. Development, maintenance and update of relevant databases for monitoring of the Quality Assurance (QA) processes in the MBBS Program.
  3. Generation of stakeholder feedback forms, analysis of responses followed by drafting and distribution of feedback reports.
  4. Convening workshops/ trainings/ CMEs/ seminars and meetings for establishing a "Quality Culture" in the college.
  5. Serving as a resource person for Quality Workshops/ CMEs/ Seminars.
  6. Compilation of evidences for the accreditation review processes in coordination with Program evidence coordinator.
  7. Preparation of documents for Institutional and Program accreditation in liaison with Deanship of Quality at the University.
  8. Drafting policies, procedures, processes and guidelines for the quality assurance (QA) processes.
  9. Drafting of handbooks, booklets, posters, publicity material for the program.
  10. Drafting of periodic reports related to various NCAAA standards.
  11. Hosting and coordinating external reviews/ independent review of the MBBS Program.
  12. Computation, analysis and interpretation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with benchmarking for monitoring of the MBBS program.
  13. Drafting of accreditation related documents such as Program Specification (PS), Self study Report (SSR), Course Specifications (CS), Annual Program Reports (APR), Field experience Specification (FES), Field Experience Report (FER), short term or long term plans. Establishing benchmarking liaison activities with other similar institutes of repute.
  14. Receiving the Course reports (CR) and Course files (CF) from MBBS course coordinators at the end of each academic semester/ year and monitoring the reliability and validity of assessment data while taking corrective actions when errors are detected.
  15. Coordination of all quality assurance (QA) processes at the College in conjunction with the Deanship of Quality at the university
  16. Recording and archival of minutes during all "Academic Development and Quality Committee" (ADQC) meetings.
  17. Recording and archival of minutes for all meetings of listed standard committees at the college level.
  18. Coordination with all course coordinators in the program at all times to maintain a continuous flow of information.
  19. Development of innovative applications to assist faculty/staff in computing and analyzing statistical data while minimizing errors
  20. Archival of all the data in triplicate for all relevant and applicable quality assurance processes.
  21. Compilation and verification of the "Assessment Loop Evaluation" data while measuring PLOs/ SLOs from all courses in the MBBS Program.
  22. Carrying out the responsibilities delegated by the Vice Dean (AD&Q) or the Dean, College of Medicine.
  23. Review of all NCAAA reports and drafting recommendations thereof subsequently.
  24. Coordination of Quality Assurance (QA) processes across all sections where the MBBS Program is being delivered at the university.
  25.  Drafting, composition and/or installation of QA awareness posters and maintenance of audio-visual and telecommunication equipment related to quality rooms for maintaining coordination and apt functionality of QA processes across all sections.