College Plans and Curricula Committee

College Plans and Curricula Committee

About the Committee:




College Plans and Curricula Committee

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Prof. Ali Saeed Al-Qahtani

Committee Director



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Reason for establishing the committee:

Developing the study plan for the program and verifying its compatibility with the new changes in education, reviewing the study plan for the graduate program and directing the approval of the completed plan and presenting it to the Graduate Plans and Curricula Unit at the university.


  • Review the results of the periodic evaluation and submit the necessary proposals for improvement.
  • Review the learning outcomes and approve the appropriate evaluation strategies and verify that this is compatible with the goals and vision of the college
  • Selection of internal and external arbitrators for developed and developed programs
  • Supervise the continuous evaluation of study plans and curricula and review any change in the program and course descriptions
  • Provide the necessary recommendations regarding the discontinuation, development or development of future study programs
  • Study what is referred to it by the Dean of the College and submit appropriate recommendations.