Vice Dean for Educational Affairs & Development

Vice Dean for Educational Affairs and Development

Name: Dr. Ayed Abdullah Shati

Office: Alfaraa Campus, College of Medicine 3-199

Ext: 7750

Definition and Responsibilities

Job title: Vice Dean for Educational Affairs and Development

Definition: The Designation holder is a faculty member of the College of Medicine who is committed to supervising the educational, academic and research processes of the higher education and the affiliated units.


1. Implementing and monitoring the policies of higher education and delegation of responsibilities to the faculty members in this regard.

2. Supervision of the development and periodic revision of the admission criteria for students.

3. Supervision of the academic activities related to faculty members, scheduling and conduction of assessments and designating work to committees responsible.

4. Coordination with faculty units in academic fields in all concerned campuses.

5. Heading the committees affiliated to the academic processes and submitting reports to the concerned parties and administration.

6. Supervision of effectiveness of the program and monitoring of its conduction.

7. Supervising the research activities and faculty development in the filed of scientific research.

8. Supervising the development of research strategies and executing plans for implementation.

9. Supervising the provisions for internal or external funding and acquiring financial support for scientific research.

10.  Addressing and monitoring the needs of the departments related to scientific research as applicable to the faculty members.

11. Supervising the work of invited faculty members external to the Institution.

12. Collection and distribution of academic records related to the applicants to higher education programs.

13. Forwarding of applications received from students desirous of procuring admissions to higher educational programs after obtaining approval from the college council.

14. Supervising the applications of students who are withdrawing from courses, or have been denied entry to final exams or are absent in the exams and issuing decisions related to these cases individually.

15. Establishing coordination between the scientific research management at the university, research centre in the college and other research establishments with regard to planned or conducted research and its financial support.

16. Coordination to recruit experienced and qualified faculty and staff in the college.

17. Evaluating academic performance of faculty and staff in the college.

18. Approving examination results for all courses delivered in the college.

19. Issue of decrees related to conduction of professional and high quality academic performance by the faculty members and staff.

20. Supervising student support activities in the college.

21. Distribution of rules and regulations pertaining to academic affairs of students.

22. Monitoring of student registration activities and maintenance of academic records