Vice Dean for Female Section

Dr. Asmaa Saad Habash

Vice Dean for Female Section



Name: Dr Asma Habash

Office: College of Medicine, Quraiqar Campus

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Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Academic, administrative, financial, and technical supervision of the college of medicine at the female section inclusive of its staff; but excluding authorities conferred to the scientific departments and the college council.
  2. Distribution of work to all female faculty/ staff at the college as necessitated in relation to the field of specialization and to propose measures contributing to the development of faculty.
  3. Nominating the unit supervisors/ coordinators at the academic departments and appointing them in coordination with the head of the concerned department(s) followed by submission of appropriate documents to the Dean of the college for fulfilling regular administrative procedures in this regard.
  4. Recommend the sanction of regular and emergency leave of absence for those who are entitled and avail the same at the female section and request the Dean of the college to instruct the completion of the formal procedures.
  5. Recommend the request(s) for special leave of absence to the Dean of the college in order to instruct the person in charge to complete the specified mandatory process.
  6. Constitution of temporary committees at the level of female section of the college in order to accomplish the educational and administrative processes.
  7. Coordination with the college administration regarding the procurement orders for the female section of the college.
  8. Recommend the internal and external work assignments of the female staff at the college through the Dean of the college, to be presented for approval by the Vice-Rector for "Educational and Academic affairs."
  9. Recommend to the Dean of the college the retirement of Saudi faculty after reaching the ager of superannuation in accordance with the applicable regulations in coordination with the concerned heads of departments.
  10. Oversee the implementation of teaching schedules at the beginning of each semester in coordination with the registrar and supervisors/ coordinators at male and female sections.
  11. Hold periodic meetings with the female students and staff to acknowledge their observations and suggestions and work to resolve all challenges they encounter while raising periodic feedback reports to the Dean of the college.
  12. Establish direct contact and liaison with the departments at the college, other concerned colleges, support Deanships and other bodies within the university with reference to in particular the Vice-dean for student admissions and registration and affairs of faculty members in relation to the female section.
  13. Follow-up the progress of female students with respect to attendance and absence, safety and security, functionality of processes, maintenance of facilities and transportation of the students to other campus sites.
  14. Formation of disciplinary committees to deal with issues pertaining to female students, female employees and visitors, and to submit the minutes and direct recommendations to the college administration for consideration and adjudication.
  15. Reports to the Vice-Dean (Administration) regarding any administrative issues pertaining to the female section of the college.