College Strategic Planning Committee

College Strategic Planning Committee

About the Committee:




College Strategic Planning Committee

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Prof. Ali Saeed Al-Qahtani

Committee Director



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Reason for establishing the committee:

Review the vision, mission and objectives of the college according to the recommendations and standards of the Education and Training Evaluation Commission, follow up and review the strategic plan to improve quality in the college and amend it in accordance with the university's new vision and vision 2030, and make an operational plan to implement the strategic plan.


  • Alignment with the university's strategic plan as well as the strategic plan for the development of Asir region.
  • Study what the implementation plan for the recommendations of the external auditors requires
  • Directing the college to complete the accreditation requirements, express an opinion on the strategic issues of the college, and apply for re-accreditation
  • Follow up the progress of the strategic planning process and the necessary training for faculty members in the college and submit this to the Chairman of the Committee.