Student's Club and Creativity


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The College of Medicine Club is considered the subsidiary incubator for the personality of the medical student, through which many extra-curricular activities are available to contribute in the building up of students' character and the development of skills to shape their personalities.


  1. The College of Medicine's Club performs within the framework of the College of Medicine, King Khalid University.
  2. The College of Medicine is the headquarter of the committees of the various students' activities.
  3. The utilization of all facilities of King Khalid University according to availability and necessary administrative arrangements.


Promotion of students' activities in a creative manner and participation of all students for their benefits.


Students' activities aim at:

  1. Discovery of students' abilities and their talents, and promoting their non-curricular skills.
  2. Investing students' free time in a useful enterprise.
  3. Promoting the balanced university student's personality within the fame of Islamic principles and values.
  4. Propagating the spirit of compassion, cooperation, brotherhood, and understanding among students of the College.
  5. Providing students with useful experiences in their life.
  6. Allowing students to share the responsibilities of planning, implementation, and follow-up of all activities.



The College of Medicine's Club pursues all possible ways to achieve his goals, like:

  1. Conducting scientific and cultural lectures, courses, and conferences.
  2. Conducting competitions, cultural clubs, and literary evenings.
  3. Running various sports competitions.
  4. Arranging scientific and entertainment trips both inside and outside the region.
  5. Performing stage concerts.
  6. Organizing scientific and art exhibitions.
  7. Organizing awareness, guidance, and humanitarian weeks.
  8. Participation in the general activities of the College of Medicine and University (such as medical conferences, scientific day, Abha Award, etc.).