Medical Colleges' Research Center


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The College Research Center was established in academic year 1404-1405H when the College was part of King Saud University. When the College became part of King Khalid University in 1421H, the Centre was affiliated to the University. In the year 1430H King Khalid University Rector approved the expansion of the Center to include all medical colleges of King Khalid University. These are: College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, and College of Applied Medical Sciences, and to be named The Research Center of Medical Colleges of King Khalid University.  

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Head of Research Center : Dr Abdulrahman Al-Amri

     Successive Heads of the Research Center of Medical Colleges of King Khalid University:

  1. Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Madani
  2. Professor Talal Abdullah Al-Malki
  3. Professor Mohamed Attiah Al-Homrany
  4. Dr. Badr Rashid Al-Ghamdi
  5. Professor Fahaid AL-Hashem
  6. Dr Mohammed Dallak
  7. Dr Abdulrahman Al-amri (Present)




The Center aims at supervising scientific research and works towards offering advice and assistance researchers in all aspects of research.


Center's Activities:

  1. Establishing database for all published research of academic staff:
  1. The number of published scientific work of College of Medicine's academic staff since the establishment of the Research Center in 1430H reached 780, published in peer-reviewed periodicals and included in the data-base of National Library of Medicine of the United States (PubMed).
  2. Abstracts of published research of College academic staff and recorded in the data-base of Library of Medicine of the United States (PubMed) are stored on CD-Rom with facilities to search using author's name, publication year or subject.
  3. Contents and details of this CD-Rom has been posted in English on the College website.
  4. Abstracts of published research of College academic staff and recorded in the data-base of Library of Medicine of the United States (PubMed) have been in included in booklets together with other researches published locally and regionally.
  5. Contents of these booklets have been published in English on the College website.         


  1. Organizing courses and workshops to boost the skills and abilities of researchers in all aspects of scientific research fields, The Center has arranged several training courses and workshop e.g.:
  1. Training courses in collaboration with the College academic staff in different specialties, to promote researches skills of the College of Medicine's researchers.
  2. Combined training courses with the World Health Organization - Eastern  Mediterranean Office in the field of scientific research and writing of research papers.
  3. Training Courses in association with the British Cultural Council in all aspects of scientific research.
  1. Ethical approval of submitted proposals for conducting research. A committee has been formed from members of the College staff which laid down criteria and standards of medical research. The College website contains such standards together with Application Forms for submission of research proposals. The Committee meets on regular basis to authorize approved research.
  2. Supervising an animal laboratory for medical research purposes.
  3. Supervising and assisting researchers in designing, preparation, and statistical analysis of data, and in every aspect of research work, in combination with experts in the field from within and outside the Kingdom.

Research Days: The Center organizes the Annual Scientific Research Days. These are scientific meetings when staff involved in research activities from different health sectors in the Kingdom (Medical Colleges, Ministry of Health, Military Hospitals, and Private Hospitals) meet to present and discuss outstanding medical researches selected by a consultants' committee. There had been five of such meetings from 1425-1430H, during which 100 research papers and about 200 posters were presented. Abstracts have been included in booklets and posted on the College website in English. 



All research conduct in the Medical College has to undergo approval by the research ethics committee. Especially the research proposals that involve trials with patients and their fluid or tissue samples.  Here attached is a PDF booklet from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.  Click Here