E-Learning Unit

E-Learning Unit

Dr Ayyub Patel

College of Medicine E-learning Supervisor



The E-learning unit strives to be recognized as an excellent technological unit in the filed of Teaching and Learning using the most advanced and UpToDate resources.



The E-learning unit is committed to educate, inspire and facilitate faculty and students in the use of all e-learning resources provided by the University’s technological learning management system (Blackboard).

The KKU E-learning Deanship’s strategic plan includes the following objectives that are in line with the College of Medicine’s vision and needs.


  • Availability of E-learning resources for all.
  • Enable faculty and students to develop, share and reuse E-learning resources.
  • Optimal use of e-learning tools to help solve problems and meet the needs of the College.
  • To contribute to raising the overall assessment among university faculties both internally and externally.
  • Applying international quality standards for online courses.
  • Create electronic identity for the College to serve the educational process and raise them and makes them valid for trading between local and international universities.

The College of Medicine has achieved many accomplishments at the University level over the last few years.


  • The College of Medicine was foremost in establishing a functioning e-learning unit which provides full support for faculty and students and be a link between the College and e-learning deanship, to provide all necessary tools and support for the development of the educational and assessment process within the College.
  • The College of Medicine pioneered in conducting the first complete paperless electronic exams using both Blackboard Tests and QuestionMark Perception.
  • The College of Medicine E-learning unit in collaboration with the Medical Education department has conducted workshops in e-assessments at the University level extending support to other colleges
  • Faculty and students of the College of Medicine have won a number of Awards of King Khalid University for e-learning.