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 The Pathology Department is one of the principal departments of College of Medicine, King Khalid University. It teaches pathological and haematological diseases to the students of the MBBS Program along with those from shared courses such as BDS, B.Sc. Pharmacology and B. Sc. Nursing. The Department offers diagnostic services to patients in the region, by conducting histo-pathological examination of tissues, blood analysis for haematological diseases. The Department carries out scientific research aimed at understanding the nature of new or established diseases observed in the region and the Kingdom at large. The Department faculty members actively participate in various events convened at the University such as students’ activities, workshops, and scientific conferences. The department assists faculty and staff with career development processes and helps patients in receiving diagnostic services.



  1. To strive to become a distinguished department among pathology departments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by offering an excellent teaching environment to students.
  2. To offer specialized investigative services to patients in the region and in the Kingdom at large through its different units such as Histo-pathology, and Hematology Units.
  3. To conduct scientific research directed at understanding the etiology of diseases, methods of investigation and treatment, especially focusing on the endemic diseases prevailing in the region and the Kingdom.  


  1. Teaching students the subject of pathology enabling them to understand the nature of diseases, patterns of occurrence and macroscopic and microscopic characteristics while preparing them to clinically correlate the investigations with clinical features.
  2. Actively improve and upgrade the infrastructural facilities at departmental units such as Histo-pathology, and Hematology units in order to enhance diagnostic abilities.
  3. Provide necessary support and facilities such as laboratory equipment and research material for encouraging academic staff to conduct innovative scientific research.
  4. Promoting the professional efficiency of academic staff members by encouraging them to participate in national and international workshops and conferences.


  1. Providing a distinctive teaching service to students of MBBS program and other shared programs.
  2. Offer a superior quality diagnostic service to patients in the region and Kingdom, through Histo-pathology, and Hematology Units.
  3. Conducting scientific research in collaboration with other institutions, universities and other research centers in the Kingdom leading to the identification of etiology of diseases, newer methods of investigation influencing patient management.
  4. Spreading awareness in the community about the nature of diseases, methods of transmission, apt measures for prevention and importance of early detection of diseases such as malignancies.

Head of Department

Head of Pathology Department 

Professor Mubarak Mohammed Mubarak Al Shraim

Canadian Fellowship in Pathology

Professor, Department of Pathology

College of Medicine

P.O. Box: 641, Abha, 61412

Office telephone: 07 241 7001

Office fax: 07 241 8660

Mobile: 054 566 3232


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